105: The End

Alex Vigos joins us again to help us close out the story of the Wonders in our final regular episode! We spend most of our time this episode talking about what is probably the most important element of this movie, the music, and get into the career of Howard Shore who composed the score of this film. Also, we finally solve the mystery of the puppet show we see early in the movie, Fireball XL5, and we have a few tangents for your listening pleasure, including a breakdown of the career of Vincent D'Onofrio. We'd like to thank Papa Hanks first and foremost for creating this wonderful film, as well as all of our amazing guests that joined us over the course of the show, Scott Carelli, July Diaz, Gabe Danon, Desiree and Michael, Crystal Beth, Lynn Barron, Heidi Bennett, Nick Jimenez, and our returning guests, Pops Branham and Alex! Thank you all for listening and goodbye - for now - from Sommer and Nick of That Thing You Do… Minute!