102: Pomp and Circumstance

We're two days into our final week and we've already gone off the rails before we even reach the credits. This episode starts with a tangent about who’s the best Tom, before we get into this episode's starts and ends with, then we talk about what Lamarr is up to now that the Ambassador hotel is no more, sing this awesome 90's romantic music, and try and discern what Mr. White is up to now that he has left the Wonders behind. There's a heated discussion about which is worse, emotional or physical cheating which leads to our first curse word uttered by one of our hosts and we try and figure out what happens when Guy and Faye go back to the hotel room. There's so much more including talk about American landmarks and fourth wall breaking so strap yourself in for a marathon episode, we may have gone a little overboard with the final episode of the film portion of the podcast.