81: Space Oddity

You thought we were done with Colin Hanks last week, but we come back with the extended cuts and get into some bits that Papa Hanks left on the cutting room floor. We've got more glamour shots of Faye and the CBS Pages, an angry director who hates milk in his coffee, and Jimmy taking time away from getting sick to berate Mr. White about getting some studio time. Also we get some more goodness from the CBS Announcer, we meet a prolific actor at the beginning of his career, and we discuss the history of Gus Grissom and his history with the US space program as well as some Gina Lollobrigida trivia. (The Hollywood TV Showcase Host's name is Troy Chesterfield by the way, don't know how we missed that one. He and Tom Hanks have worked together a bunch, we'll get into it tomorrow.)