100: The Podcast-Go-Round Broke Down

Mr. Movies by Minutes, Nick Jimenez, joins us for the final time to break down our centennial episode. We thought about doing something special for the occasion but instead we jump off the rails almost immediately with talk of emojis and pea coats. We had a little trouble hearing each other early in this episode but the service providers eventually smiled upon us and blessed us with an improved connection to finish out the week in style. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to Nick for being the final regular guest on That Thing You Do! Minute! and you can help us thank him by visiting DuelingGenre.com and checking out a couple of the fine podcasts that they're producing over there (such as Toy Story Minute, Harry Potter Minute, Back To The Future Minute, Geek By Night, Spider-Man Minute, The Doctors Companion and the upcoming Cornetto Minute), or by donating to their patreon page and getting some cool stickers/mugs/t-shirts at their teepublic store.