99: Just Good Friends

Happy Thor's-day everyone, everybody's favorite Movies By Minutes funnyman Nick Jimenez is back to plant a big ol' kiss on the cheeks of you, the listener. We digress about movies that have turned us into blubbering crybabies and praise Adam Sandler's acting talent. Seriously. Eventually we get to talking about these platonic friends at the Ambassador hotel coffee shop and speculate as to why Tom Hanks seems to be obsessed with kissing in this movie before we follow a tangent off into the weeds as we find some praise for Mel Gibson. Seriously. This was apparently the day for praising controversial figures. If you want to hear more of Nick's antics, head on over to DuelingGenre.com where you can find hours of entertainment for free, and if that's not enough you can always become a Patreon supporter over at their patreon page, or if you're super cool, buy some of their merch at their teepublic store.