98: Day-O (The Peach Cobbler Song)

Our new friend Nick Jimenez joins us once again as we discover a somber Faye sitting in a coffee show. We discuss the family legacy of our female lead which leads us down our first (and probably last) Alicia Silverstone tangent, which we are somehow able to tie into talking about Kirk Cameron and the tale of the banana. This minute also marks the final moments of our extended cut coverage, as we tie up loose ends that probably didn't need to be tied up in the first place. We throw some more shade at Armageddon and give our recommendations for the worst film commentaries that you have to see to believe before we get out of here and get you back to your Wednesday in style. DuelingGenre.com is the place to go if you want to catch up on Nick's antics, where he helps produce a slew of Movies By Minutes shows including Ferris Bueller Minute, Harry Potter Minute and Lord of the Rings Minute, as well as the fantastic audio drama series, Geek By Night created by past guest, Scott Carelli, so check those out if you know what's good for you.