97: The Lady In Maroon

Nick Jimenez joins us once again to workshop band names for his upcoming project, Cornetto Minute, and help us break down the penultimate chunk of Tom Hanks' Extended Cut minutes. We make some dreamy looks at one another as we try and suss out which career path has the most potential to keep Guy high on drugs for the foreseeable future, discuss Clint Howard's choice of pizza, and give Nick tips on having your dad guest on your podcast. But seriously, there's actually some good analysis of the differences between the theatrical and extended cuts in this episode, so enjoy us finally finding our footing after ninety-six episodes. Be sure you remember to follow Nick on twitter @nickmjimenez and go interact with all his wonderful podcasts, @DuelingGenre, @bttfminute, and @cornettominute, you can find all those wonderful shows and many more at DuelingGenre.com!