94: One-der is The Loneliest Drummer

Our amazing guest Heidi Bennett joins us once again as we go back to the beginning of the film as Guy drums out his feelings in a lonely recording studio. It's one of the slower moments of the film so we take our time to really dissect Guy's drumming style, discuss whether or not he had a drum-double, and even though he's not in this minute, we find a little bit of time to talk about the transformation of Ethan Embry from then to now. Our new friend Heidi has a website which you should visit to find out more about her and you should follow her on Instagram and Twitter as well. If you haven't gotten your fill of Movies by Minutes podcasts, maybe check out her shows Spinal Tap Minute and Cabin Minute Cast (coming soon) or head on over to MoviesByMinutes.com and check out one of the ever growing list of shows over there, such as the granddaddy of them all, Star Wars Minute (94)!