93: Hey There Lonely Guy

Heidi Bennett from Spinal Tap Minute and the upcomingCabin Minute Cast joins us once again as Mr. White walks out on Guy and leaves him alone in the recording studio. We take some time here near the end of our run to reminisce about the trivia we've learned along the way, and take some time to appreciate the effort that Papa Hanks and his crew have put into this film. We take a tangential trip down memory lane as we try and cushion the blow of this, the loneliest minute of this film. We mention the Movies By Minutes convention happening in Chicago August 26th 2017, which you should totally go to if you can, before we finally discuss the closing moments of this minute and the old school photo editing techniques that Faye employs. Make sure you go to Heidi's website and check her out onTwitter and Instagram.