91: Boats to Build

We are joined this week by an amazing guest, Heidi Bennett from the podcast Spinal Tap Minute! Heidi helps us get to the bottom of the Foster Grant mystery, as well as understand where upon the Del-Paxton-spectrum-of-reasons-for-a-band-to-split-up each of the Wonders fall. We start to say our goodbyes to our favorite main characters, and we try and figure a metaphor about building a boat. There was a minor issue with the recording that was made on Sommer and Nick's microphones and although it pops up from time to time throughout the show, it seemed to get better as the episode continues. Be sure and check out Heidi's website, where she mentor's creative people in how to prioritize and categorize their multiple passions and turn them into a successful career. She's also on Instagram and Twitter, so you should follow her in those places for more updates!