60: California Dreamin'

Today we bid farewell to our witty pals, July Diaz and Gabe Danon from the jocular podcast, Trends With Benefits. We discuss the degree of creepiness in this interaction between Faye and Guy, which is immediately swept away by Jimmy's lack of reaction to the fact that she isn’t feeling well. We try and determine whether this is just a really sweet commercial jet, or if this is the Play-tone private Learjet. We finally get into the bidet discussion that you've all been waiting for before we get into the business meeting with Herr Playtone. Jimmy and his turtleneck are still the worst, the That Thing You Do IMDB page continues to be a tremendous source of behind-the-scenes knowledge, and Trends With Benefits will always be the world's number one podcast breaking down what's trending with the funniest people. Go subscribe to it now!