59: Rescue Faye

Our chums Gabe Danon and July Diaz from Trends With Benefits and Yo Tambien join us once again to bring the laughs and also probably some more 100% true facts from the That Thing You Do IMDB page. We continue to discuss this throng of admirers and the awesome signs they’ve brought with them to the show and learn a little bit of trivia about a couple of characters that show up later in the film. We discuss the Wonders vs One-ders debate as well as speculate as to why their limousine has been replaced by a cop car (It's probably the crowd of women). Guy rescues Faye from the sea of Tina's, Lenny continues to be a horn-dog, and we continue to give hints as to where we were in time and space when we recorded these episodes. Evergreen podcasting, be damned! Tangent fans, this may be an episode for you, non tangent fans, sorry, better luck tomorrow. Listen to the podcast July and Gabe produce with their friend Agata Monica, Trends With Benefits, if you know what's good for you! #ZenFresh