78: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah

We are joined today by super special guest Lynn Barron from The Sweep Spot, a podcast from people who have worked for the big mouse! Lynn lends us his expertise about all things Disney-mania, which is apropos as this minute features the big guy himself, Mickey Mouse and his best friend Goofy, who both play themselves in this film. We find out what Lynn's history with the film is as well as get a history lesson about what Disneyland would have looked like back in 1964, and what steps the production staff took to make this sequence look as if it was taking place in this time period. We nitpick a few details, but overall give massive props for putting so much detail into such a short sequence. There are plenty of tangents here, as well as some extended cut funniness, and a whole lot of Disney nerd-ery in this jumbo sized episode. If you didn't get enough Walt talk in this show be sure and check out The Sweep Spot, where Lynn and his co-host Ken Pellman break down everything Disney, from the perspective of the people who've been behind the scenes of the Happiest Place on Earth, and support them by getting yourself a copy of their book, Cleaning The Kingdom, a memoir from the perspective of the people who keep Disney parks the cleanest place on earth!