70: Never Can Say Goodbye

We are joined for the final time by our gold star special guest Crystal Beth to break quite possibly the most ornately Hanks-ian minute of That Thing You Do! We dig into who U Thant is, and show our age in the process, we analyze why Faye is defending Jimmy here even after the Diane Dane conversation from last minute, and we scrutinize the nature of modern etiquette with a lengthy conversation about holding doors, pulling chairs, and standing aside and greeting people while in uniform. If you haven't already, go listen to The Fifth Eleminute, a podcast where Crystal and her co-host John Robert Wilson break down The Fifth Element in much the same way you are listening to right now. Their Video game podcast is Unlimited Lives Radio which you can find over at cavecomedyradio.com, and it is also streamed live every Thursday,  6pm-et at http://twitch.tv/unlimitedlivesradio so go join them in the chat, and join us next week for more episodes of That Thing You Do! Minute!