67: Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

It's time for a podcast exclusive a Crystal Beth joins us once again and drops an exciting bombshell on us to begin the show. We quickly gather ourselves after the balloons and confetti get cleaned up and we roll on with another banger of an episode, including a short peek behind the production curtain, also known as Nick forgot to send some crucial clips along to Crystal, but she's such a darn professional that she fills us in on what we missed. Don Drysdale gets a name drop so we decide to go into the outfield trying to determine what he and Sol could have been arguing about. We also attempt to sort out why Jimmy's full name is James Mattingly II and not Fabian Mattingly the First. Because you love Crystal so much you are going to go right now to www.TheFifthEleminute.com and subscribe to her Movies by Minute podcast, and then check out her other show , Unlimited Lives!