66: The Yeah Yeah Yeah Podcast

Uber-special guest, The Crystal Beth joins us this week to break down the Wonders first and probably last meeting with Sol Siler, the head honcho of Play-Tone records, but before we get to that we have to heap a little more praise on Clint Howard. We learn about Crystal's history with the movie and jump back and forth between versions of the film, pretty much playing fast and loose with the content of the minute and the tangents of the podcast. You know, another episode of That Thing You Do! Minute! If you enjoyed hearing Crystal's voice on this podcast go a head and subscribe to her podcast The Fifth Eleminute, breaking down the movie The Fifth Element… well, you get it! If you're into video games you should also check out her podcast Unlimited Lives at CaveComedyRadio.com. Enjoy the bonus sound effects caused by excited dogs and spooky doors!