56: Check Yes Or No

Very special guests July Diaz and Gabe Danon from the hilarious podcast Trends With Benefits   join us this week to talk about go-go dancing, Pee-Wee Herman and the great state of Wisconsin. We discuss the genesis of Shades, where the Wonders currently rank in the Play-tone Galaxy of Stars, and the significance of the color gold as an accent to the Play-tone color pallet. In honor of what is likely Freddie Fredrickson's final moment in the movie, we have some fun and crack some jokes, talk some mess about Jimmy, and generally just make each other giggle a lot. If you enjoy Gabe and July on this episode, go check out Trends With Benefits and get their fun takes on the trending topics of the day. If you want to hear Sommer on the show, go straight to Episode 0000041: Buddah Pillows!