54: Rum And Coca Cola

We are joined by Scott Carelli from duelinggenre.com for the penultimate time today, and we kick off this amazing minute with a blue conversation about Lenny's card playing style. We continue our discussion from yesterday in which we scrutinize the amount of alcohol in Lenny's system right now, fill Sommer in on a couple things she missed in the last minute, and of course continue to praise the amazing extras featured through this film. Once we start talking about the conversation between Mr. White and Faye, we just can't stop gushing about Liv Tyler and Tom Hanks' chemistry in this scene. The Bechtel test is discussed in the context of this film as a period piece and a nineties film, which leads to one of the most in depth discussions we've had about the complex relationships that are in this movie. For all the Whovian's in our audience, go check out The Doctors Companion, a fun walk through the adventures of The Doctor. Who?