53: It's Not Easy Being Chartreuse

Welcome back to another episode of TTYD! minute! As we welcome once again our guest, Scott Carelli from duelinggenre.com! We get into some meaty dialogue this minute as we continue our deep dive into the art of the Zahn zinger and perhaps where Steve drew some of his character inspiration from. There are deep dives into the Playtone Galaxy of Stars, an in-depth breakdown of Guy's enthusiasm for his jazz idols, and we would be remiss if we didn't discuss Mr. White's relationship with Jimmy and who he sees as the true leader of the Wonders. Sommer is mysteriously absent for a good chunk of this minute on top-secret podcast business but luckily Scott is a podcast superstar and he helps Nick power the show through until she returns from her hiatus to help the boys bring this Wednesday show to a close. Check out theawesome audio drama series that Scott and his Back to the Future Minute co-host Nick Jimenez co-produce, Geek By Night! It's like TV for your ears!