42: Here Til August

We return to Mr. White's spiel, and get a smidge of bad news from T.B. Player, which gives the band a deadline of the end of August. It's a dour minute as everyone's favorite sheepish boy informs us that he signed up for the Marine Corps back home and as such will have to report to South Carolina at that time. Mr. White takes this news in stride as we get mixed reactions from the rest of the band, but it will remain a mystery until tomorrow why Mr. White calls out Guy at the end of this minute. We discuss the Zahn Zinger Quotient again, discuss character motivations, give Jimmy the business for not wanting to admit that Faye is his girlfriend, get into the genealogy of the name Kosslovitch which leads us to talk about a serious subject, learn a little bit of trivia about the Marine Corps and their training facilities, tangent all over the place, and try and come up with silly character names.