41: Sign Your Life Away

Today we hit the ground running with a joke that comes pre approved by half the hosting team as we continue to witness the Wonders' meteoric rise. Mr. White comes at Guy hard with the business negotiations, and we continue to give Tak Fujimoto his due for setting up some stellar shots. We join the band immediately after they sign their Playtone contracts, and speculate as to what instructions Mr. White had for them before we enter the scene. Nick continues to be confused as to the title of the b-side, Sommer proclaims a Zahn Zinger her "favorite joke in the movie," and we try and figure out why Mr. White takes exception to Guy being described as a Nice Boy. We take an early stab at figuring out which boy band stereotypes each of the band members would fit into, and we try and come to terms with our love/hate relatioship withJohnathon Schaech/Jimmy.