33: It's Always Like the First Time

We celebrate even more as Lenny and Jimmy arrive at Patterson's Appliances. We talk about the typical length of pop songs, celebrating with your bros, plus more dissection of the differences between the theatrical release and the Tom Hanks' extended cut. Nick is confused about a Journey reference he makes, and we show off our beautiful singing voices for you, the faithful listener.  At some point we have a fun digression about Barbie, before we return to the task at hand and try and dig down into the character motivation behind Guy's sister, Darlene. Also, TB Player is still the cutest boy, and customers are disappearing from the store, or at least the camera's view. We round out this packed hump day episode with a lengthy discussion about what people have named their children throughout the generations, followed by some hard hitting Adam Sandler material. Tangent Minute!