13: Gannondorf University

Nick compares Mr. Talent Show to Smilin' Stan from the Monkey Island series and we continue to espouse the virtues of Sean Whalen aka The Heckler aka the guy from the old "got milk?" commercials. The band spends the entirety of this minute setting up their instruments, which feels like an eternity when you're breaking down a movie one minute at a time. Luckily for us, we stumble upon a tangent about after-school specials, very-special episodes, and Showgirls (which we insist on calling Striptease), of all things. FACT CHECK ALERT: NICK IS AN IDIOT AND CONFLATES GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER FOR ELI WHITNEY IN THIS EPISODE. THEY ARE MEN SEPARATED BY HUNDREDS OF YEARS AND THE VIEWS OF ONE OF OUR IDIOT HOSTS DO NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF OUR ORGANIZATION AS A WHOLE. THIS CONCLUDES YOUR FACT CHECK ALERT. ╬ŽKE