105: The End

Alex Vigos joins us again to help us close out the story of the Wonders in our final regular episode! We spend most of our time this episode talking about what is probably the most important element of this movie, the music, and get into the career of Howard Shore who composed the score of this film. Also, we finally solve the mystery of the puppet show we see early in the movie, Fireball XL5, and we have a few tangents for your listening pleasure, including a breakdown of the career of Vincent D'Onofrio. We'd like to thank Papa Hanks first and foremost for creating this wonderful film, as well as all of our amazing guests that joined us over the course of the show, Scott Carelli, July Diaz, Gabe Danon, Desiree and Michael, Crystal Beth, Lynn Barron, Heidi Bennett, Nick Jimenez, and our returning guests, Pops Branham and Alex! Thank you all for listening and goodbye - for now - from Sommer and Nick of That Thing You Do… Minute!

104: Hey Hanksy

We are joined by a surprise returning guest today, Alex Vigos, Sommer's old chum from back in the day! Alex is here to help us break down the closing credits as we take stock of all the various bits of trivia we've learned over the course of the show. We shout out some of our favorite actors, try and discern what some of the job titles of various production staff mean, and discover that the choreographer on this film is a one hit wonder herself. Make sure you tune in tomorrow for the final (regular) episode of That Thing You Do! Minute! We have announcements and tearful goodbyes for you, our amazing listeners without whom none of this would be possible.

103: For What It's Worth

The show is winding down and I bet you thought that meant that the show lengths would be winding down as well. Boy were you wrong. In what will likely be the second longest episode of the show, we dive deep into the end title cards and try and contextualize what happens to our friends after the cameras are turned off. We learn the origins of the Puget Sound conservatory, educate ourselves about the history of the Battle of Khe Sanh, and then we try and lighten the mood by coming up with the backstory of why the relationship between Lenny and Kitty didn't work out. The show is winding down but we're determined to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

102: Pomp and Circumstance

We're two days into our final week and we've already gone off the rails before we even reach the credits. This episode starts with a tangent about who’s the best Tom, before we get into this episode's starts and ends with, then we talk about what Lamarr is up to now that the Ambassador hotel is no more, sing this awesome 90's romantic music, and try and discern what Mr. White is up to now that he has left the Wonders behind. There's a heated discussion about which is worse, emotional or physical cheating which leads to our first curse word uttered by one of our hosts and we try and figure out what happens when Guy and Faye go back to the hotel room. There's so much more including talk about American landmarks and fourth wall breaking so strap yourself in for a marathon episode, we may have gone a little overboard with the final episode of the film portion of the podcast.

101: Kiss the Girl

Welcome to the final full week of That Thing You Do! Minute! We're back to the classic duo for our final week and we have a lot of making out to cover in the next couple of minutes. There will be lots of tangents to be had as we try and close out the week in the only way we know how, by being extra silly and bringing the laughs. We'll analyze Guy and Faye's make out style, scrutinize their eyebrows, and generally create a world of backstory for these characters in-between moments of silliness and many, many tangents. We discuss olestra chips, free Subway sandwiches, bodily fluids, and emo-pirates. We're getting close to the end, but that doesn't mean we're going to short change you, our beautiful audience, from getting the full TTYD Minute experience.